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Cherri's Pullip Journal
Crystal Dolls 
19th-Oct-2009 01:15 am
I have a sudden inspiration to do some customs with a particular look.
Kimiko and Coco are redone. And they welcome Miso too! Miso is a Raphia.

I had a little trouble with her. Raphias has a weird base. When I tried to remove her makeup, her face started to show white patches here and there. I tried to sand them off as much as possible but they are there.

Her wig has been changed. I decided that brown is not the color. I am waiting for a new pair of eyechips for her too. Hmm, I think I gotta get more light color ones.

Group shots:

Incidentally, here is a image of a wig I made, which failed.

Kimiko in a dress made by Shizuka before customization
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