Doll Items To Go

Hi, welcome to my sales journal.
All items for sales are listed in SGD and I am able to ship internationally.
Payment can be made via bank transfer (Within Singapore) or Paypal (Preferably non-cc, additional fee of 5%).
My doll's wardrobe is bursting! Selling many dolly clothing, wigs and more.
Some of my dolls have to go too, my doll family is getting bigger by the month.
If interested in items, please feel free to pm me to ask for more images.
Please ask for shipping quote worldwide.

Unopened in Original Box Angelique Abyss Anime Taeyang Rayne @ $220SGD
ネオ テヤン x アンジェリーク レイン

Unopened in Original Box Little Pullip Riletto @ $25SGD
リトルプーリップ リレット

Unopened in Original Box Little Pullip Paja @ $45SGD
リトルプーリップ アゴニャ

Unopened in Original Box Taeyang Captain Hook @ $220SGD
テヤン x ウォルト ディズニー ピーターパン キャプティンフック

Angel Pullip Becky or  Doll @ $30 each

Dal Melize Blond Bob @ $20SGD

Shinku Look Alike Wig (From Leekeworld if I am not mistaken) @ $32SGD

Pullip Greggia @ $300
Seal broken but doll untouched.

Pullip Holly @ $180



My newest doll and love, Cotton. She is a Junior Ai from Custom House.
Her dress is from Mo & No.
Don't the little Usagi look cute? He is borrowed from Pullip Alice while she wasn't paying attention XD
I love how these tiles kinda, in a small way, look like the ones in Alice in Wonderland. My favourite character!

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Cystal Dollies Update!

A new crystal dolly is born!

Meet her:

She is customized with Nomado as a base. Her eyes are from Coolcat and her wig is from Leekeworld ^^

Also, meet my little Dal Chilly!

She is no where near perfect but she is my Chill's younger image. Isn't she adorable ^^

Crystal Dolls

I have a sudden inspiration to do some customs with a particular look.
Kimiko and Coco are redone. And they welcome Miso too! Miso is a Raphia.

I had a little trouble with her. Raphias has a weird base. When I tried to remove her makeup, her face started to show white patches here and there. I tried to sand them off as much as possible but they are there.

Her wig has been changed. I decided that brown is not the color. I am waiting for a new pair of eyechips for her too. Hmm, I think I gotta get more light color ones.

Group shots:

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My little Kawaii has been recustomized.
She was looking a little flushed, so I decided to bam it up a notch!

Here is her before customizing:

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